What's In a Name?


This is the time of the year where I like to look at my blessings and really focus on what I'm thankful for in my life. To go along with a project I'm apart of in a Facebook group online, I've decided to dedicate all my blogs this month to focus on what in my life brings me joy. This is the first part to my month long Joyful November Blog posts.

Ameera Rae SMITH

Not a lot of people know that Keenan was actually the one who picked out our daughter’s name. Back when we first got engaged, my husband and I made a deal that I would name our son and he would name our daughter (it never occurred to us we might not have one of each but I suppose it doesn't matter since we never ran into that problem). So it’s Keenan who holds all of the glory that comes with choosing a name that describes darling girl to a T.

A white red haired little girl with blue marker all over her face.
A red hair little white girl looking off camera with a purple beard drawn on her face.

words hold power

I’m a fan of knowing what a name means because I believe that words hold power. When it came to picking out names, it was important that we chose ones that would translate into positive and encouraging descriptions of our children. So with a name that means leader and grace, it should have come as no surprise that our daughter would turn out to be a strong-willed, courageous and kind child.

A small red haired white little girl in a black and white shirt pointing of camera with a stick.
A white woman holding a white red haired baby girl drinking out of a pink sippy cup.

It’s true that the name my husband chose is a perfect definition of my daughter but still, there are so many other descriptions of her character that it misses. So many extraordinary qualities that make up my wonderful daughter. It could never describe how creative she is, the amount of time and effort she puts into the crafts we do together. A name could never have warned me about the those precious red curls sitting upon her head that make my heart ache. It couldn’t have described how fantastic of a big sister is she is. It couldn’t have predicted the trials our mother and child relationship would face. Her name could never have told me just how hard she would make me laugh everyday.

A little girl coloring while a man and a dog sleep next to her.
Ameera *throws a dollar at me*- get me some juice.
Me- uh yeah you don’t get to throw my money at me
Ameera- what about my money?
— Ameera at age 3

Don’t lick the potty.
— Ameera at age 1
A bird's eye view of a little girl painting a bright and color picture. 
Ameera - Mom smell my hands
Me- why... did you find lotion?
Ameera- No it’s my pee pee
— Ameera at age 3

Me- I love you Ameera.
Ameera- I love you more.
Me- I love you most.
Ameera- I love you Stephanie.
Ameera- No you’re name is mama.
— Ameera at age 2
A small red haired white little girl look at a baby boy dressed in blue.
I walk in the house after checking the mail. Ameera comes running from across the house.
A- yayyyyy!! Daddy’s home!
*sees me*
A- oh it’s just you
Me- Yikes. It’s like that is it
— Ameera age 3

Ameera- mama I’m hungry
Me- Okay I’ll make you something
(3 seconds pass)
Ameera- Mama I said I’m hungry
Me- Yes, I heard you Ameera
Ameera- No you didn’t mama. I have no food yet
— Ameera at age 3
a liitle girl sitting on a couch with her sunglasses on.

She fills my heart with joy

I’m so blessed to have Ameera as my daughter. When I reflected on what brings me joy this first week, there was no denying the happiness I get from this kid. She is all I could have ever wanted in a child and then some. To quote words from my mom told to me, I couldn’t have hand picked a better kid than Ameera.

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