Sweat the Small Stuff

I would rather have such a memorial [a photo] of one I dearly loved, than the noblest Artist’s work ever produced.
—Elizabeth Barrett Browning, British poet (1806–1861)

The ability to take photos at a moment's notice these days really doesn’t seem to be all that impressive. Anyone who has a phone has access to a camera. Though it’s not always the highest quality camera, we are still so lucky to be living in a time where we can capture all those big, important milestones. Since first introduced to the Daguerreotypes back in the 1830’s we as people have been obsessed with taking pictures of those momentous events. From the first to the very last, we have pictures of all the big moments in between.

But what about those the small moments? Those insignificant, mundane instances in life that don’t seem to matter. Do you have photos of those? While they may not seem like the important stuff, those tiny details of day to day life can be the biggest tool for storytelling. And that my dear friends is what this weeks photography challenge is all about. The little details of life.

This week I challenge you to take pictures of the small stuff. It can be a photograph of the drool on your baby’s chin, the smeared lipstick of your child playing with makeup, the wrinkle on a loved one's face or the mess in your house. Who knows? Maybe when you are older the most treasured photograph you have is that mundane, forgotten memory of someone you love so dearly.

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