Let Me Count the Ways


This is the time of the year where I like to look at my blessings and really focus on what I'm thankful for in my life. To go along with a project I'm apart of in a Facebook group online, I've decided to dedicate all my blogs this month to focus on what in my life brings me joy. This is the third part of my month-long Joyful November Blog posts.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Keenan. It was after months of taking the time to really get to know each other online before meeting in person. He lived about an hour away from me at the time and I think we were both unsure of the relationship's seriousness. When it started to become clear that we were both pretty committed, we agreed it was time to meet in person. It makes me smile to think back to that first time. I remember opening the door to see him, not as a this blurry computer photo but as a flesh and blood person standing before me. He had spiky hair and was wearing a black buttoned down shirt with a black and white checkered collar that he still owns today. In his hand, wrapped in a black towel, was a black cat wine bottle. I remember thinking how great is this guy.

A year and a month later, we were married.

It's funny to think that was only a short five years ago. It may sound cliche to say, but I really do feel like I've known Keenan my whole life. I guess it's easy to feel that way when you've built a life from scratch with someone. In the four years we have been married, we've bought a house, a van, and had two amazing kids. 

A man smiling off camera

It goes without saying that I LOVE my husband, he has so many wonderful qualities. He has a great sense of humor, we can spend hours joking and laughing together. I especially love the way he throws his head back and gives a short but firm "ha!" when he finds something really funny. When he is truly passionate about something, he has a way of making something I would typically otherwise not care for sound completely amazing. He encourages me and supports me to live out my dream, whether is being a stay at home mom, homeschooling or pursuing a photography business, he is always by my side helping however he can.

I have to say though, one of his best qualities is how great of a father he is. 

Little girl sitting on her dad's shoulders while at the grocery store

 Whether it's painting Ameera's toenails or holding Bishop till he falls asleep, there is truly nothing more wonderful than watching my husband be a dad. The bond between them is so beautiful, something to be treasured. Their bond is one of the few things that originally sparked my interest in photography. Along with documenting my kids childhood, I also wanted to document him being their dad. Being a parent is hard and when children are little they have a different way of showing you their appreciation or telling you how great of a job you are doing. I love photographing my husband being a dad because I want him to see him through their eyes as well as my mine, just how wonderful he truly is.

Boy and father looking at each other while eating breakfast

So today I am thankful for my husband, the man I love so much and loves me in return. The person who tries the best he can to provide a great life for his family. He is the person who helped me build my life, has given me my most precious treasures in life and is the best person I know.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my post! Click here to check out part one about my daughter Ameera or here to read part two about my son Bishop. If you are interested in having a documentary photo session of your family you can contact me through email or facebook.

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