Late Night Store Run


“Wanna run to the store tonight?” I asked as my husband, who had only just stepped foot inside the house, was greeted by our daughter. The question was soon lost among the thousands of others asked by a very curious Ameera. I never even realized he had actually heard me until he repeated the same question back to me at 6:30pm, “Wanna run to the store?” After agreeing to go we quickly packed up the kids, double checked the diaper bag and found the keys to our van. Walking past the counter on the way out, my camera caught my eye and without a second thought I grabbed it.

And I’m so glad I did.

White man in a sweatshirt holding a white baby boy high in the air while walking down an isle in the gorcery store.

Night of fun while at the store

I’m sure a trip to the grocery store might not seem like the ideal night out with your family, but it’s a time I've truly come to appreciate. After shopping later in the evening a few times we have formed a bit of a routine and that night was no different.

 As soon as we parked the van and unbuckle the kids, we quickly made our way inside the store. When we arrive, no matter where we are going it never fails, Ameera always shouts “WE’RE HOME!!” I always chuckle, I love how she confuses the word here with home. It makes everywhere we go feel a little more cozy.

When we got inside we let Ameera choose a cart for her to ride in. Keenan decided to keep carrying Bishop. He was determined to hold his son for as long as he could get away with it. I was only too happy to have an opportunity to use my camera.

Black and white photo of girl in teenage ninja turtle shirt sitting in a grocery cart.

As we walked the store, we took some extra time to look around. While picking out our food we put Ameera's knowledge to the test. What color is this apple? What letter does it start with? Every time we picked something up we would inquiry her about the item. She excitedly answered each question, all to happy to have the chance to show her Dad what she has been learning during preschool time at home.


Switching places

It didn't take long for cart to get too full for Ameera to sit comfortably and we needed to switch the kids places. It was now Bishop's turn to be seated in the cart and Ameera was able to walk the aisles with Keenan. She had fun continuing to help pick out food and answer questions while Bishop tried desperately to grab the stuff being thrown into the basket behind him. I had a laugh when I saw he had picked up the pizza box and was trying desperately to get it in his mouth.

A colorful photo of a white red haired girl looking into the side of a grocery cart while her brother and father watch.
A white baby boy holding a pizza box trying to fit it in his mouth.

After the freezer section, it was time to check out. Ameera was so proud to be able to help Keenan check out the food. She’d hand him items from the cart and patiently waited to scan them. Once we paid for our food, we left the store and head home with two sleepy kids in tow.

(Below is a slide show of all the photos from that night.)

It was a night filled with fun times that I want to be able to remember later on in life. These seemingly silly moments while walking around at the grocery store are what fill my heart up with joy. Not only did we get some food, we also got to test our knowledge, while sharing some bonding time and making some memories.

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