ISO Challenge


A few weeks ago an admin in a group I'm apart of on Facebook challenged everyone to push their comfort zone using the ISO on their cameras. I have always been a little nervous to push past ISO 800 because of all the noise that comes with turning up the ISO.  Curious about my results I decided to give it a try.

In the end I was surprised by how much I love these photos.

A toddler having a pillow fight with her father at  her grandpa's house.

taken at ISO 6400 

My goal was to have everything frozen in time but I ended up with this cool motion effect (which I really love) in the pillow. I was surprised how unnoticeable the grain is in the photo.

Boy pointing finger at his cat.

Taken at ISO 3200

This could have been taken at ISO 800, but the light would have been so much different. I decided to bump up the ISO to create this dramatic lighting on Bishop (my son) and Captian (the cat). Pushing that ISO gives me more room to play with my lighting.

Girl holding her cat

Taken at ISO 3200

This photo was the first photo that made me realize how cozy the grain could be in a photo. I know not everyone will feel the same but I feel warm when I look at this. 

Girl making funny faces in the mirror.

Taken at ISO 6000

This is my least favorite from the challenge, but that has more to do with the lighting than the grain. That statement alone shows huge amounts of growth I've made since starting this project!

A photo of a father holding his kids, showing only feet.

Taken at ISO 3200

This was another one where I could have taken at a low ISO but deciding to go higher allowed for more light play.

Girl jumping onto the couch while dog watches from the sidelines

Taken at ISO 3200

This was just a fun shot, pushing that ISO really allowed me the opportunity to freeze Ameera in place. I feel like I could have gone higher (once again that thinking shows major growth). Side note: RED'S FACE! 

Man watching a shark pass by while at the aquarium. 

Taken at ISO 128000

My favorite photo also happened to be the one taken using the highest ISO stop. The grain in this one adds to the feel of the image, I seriously couldn't be any happier it. It's on my list to be printed and displayed in our home.

 Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I was really impressed by this challenge and was excited to tell everyone about it. It was definitely what I needed to take me to the next level. In the end, I realized that grain can't ruin a great photo but it can add to it. 

Until next time,

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