I was There Too

Life is not just the passing of time. Life is the collection of experiences and their intensity.
— Jim Rohn

My love of photography was born on May 23, 2014, at 12:05 pm. It started with my OBGYN saying, "Okay Grandma, let's grab a quick photo before I leave." The second I heard the click on my mom's phone my life was forever changed. Everything I have worked towards can be traced back to that moment in time. Every day since I have been a sucker for photography and all things memorabilia.

Three years later I regularly find myself going through old photographs, spending hours just pouring through them. I'll ooh and aah at everything, getting a little emotional looking at them. My mind takes me back to the hospital a few hours after giving birth, I can feel her fragile 5lbs 12oz body in my hands. I always think of the first time she had the hiccups after being born. During my pregnancy with Ameera, it felt like she perpetually had the hiccups, so to feel it happen in my arms instead of my womb was a bittersweet feeling. A once in a lifetime moment I can relive anytime I want just by looking at a photograph.


Our lives are made up of moments like these and I have a desire to document all of them. One snap of the camera, my memories are captured forever and available to me whenever I want to revisit them. It's a wonderful thing. At any point in time, I can open up a folder on my computer and remember perfectly how my daughter had no hair until age three. Unfortunately, on my pursuit of capturing everything in my children's lives, I forgot to include one of the most important things in their lives. Me.

I have taken hundreds of photos of my kids doing anything and everything under the sun. I only have a handful of myself in them. Over this last week, I've decided to commit to photographing myself more with my kids. Taking an extra step to photograph myself is worth the effort. I know one day they will want to see photographs of me as much as anything else from their childhoods. After all, I was there too.


My lack of appearance in my own photos does motivate me though, I feel more inspired to be there for you as my clients. I understand the desire to see yourself in your photographic memories. So friends, let me do the hard stuff so you can enjoy your once in a lifetime moments. I'll document it so one day, when you feel like walking down memory lane, you can pull out your photos and remember how it felt to spend authentic, carefree time with your family.

Until next time,

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Koren Smith Photography is a Documentary Family Photographer based in Bellevue, NE. She specializes in taking natural, unprompted, and unposed photos centered around your family's unique life experiences. From birth to teens, she's focused on documenting your family's real-life moments every step of the way.


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