Happy Birthday Bishop


A letter to my son on his first birthday.

The day before you were born, I remember fumbling with the new camera your dad had given me as an early Christmas gift. I was desperate to take a photo of myself pregnant with you. After the 15 minutes it took to figure out how to sync my phone and camera, I stacked several books on top of each to get the camera at the right height. It took a good 45 minutes to get it right. Though I was extremely frustrated I pushed on. I just kept thinking I have to get this now. There was a sense of urgency to get it done.

Pregnant silhouette. 

I knew you were coming soon. Very soon.

We carried on like we normally did that day and that night was no different. We put your sister was in bed at 8 pm sharp afterward your father played a game on the computer while I curled up on the couch watching The Last Magi on Netflix. I can still feel the dull ache in my right lower rib from where you constantly kicked me since the 25 week mark. We went to bed at a normal time that night, other than my earlier sense of urgency, there was no sign of your upcoming appearance.


That was until I woke up at 4 am in labor.

Through the entire process of driving to the hospital, checking in, finding out I was 8cm dilated and hopping into the birthing tub I sang Come Thou Fount over and over. I had this whole playlist planned out but never even got past that first song.  It was the only one I needed, it was the only one that fit the moment. You see, even though labor was hard and painful, I couldn't stop singing my praise of the blessing to come.

Baby boy smiling.

You, My sweet boy, are a blessing.

Being your mom has been a gift from the day I got pregnant with you. You have taught me about patience, believing in myself and resilience.

hand reaching
boy pushing toy mower.

Oh boy, you have taught me a lot about resilience.

Kid, let me tell you, you are tough as nails and have the ability to bounce back like it's nobody’s business. Equally amazing is your sense of adventure. Nothing holds you back and I think that's remarkable. I have no doubt you will grow into a incredible man who is bold enough to go places.

Boy looking back.

I have no doubt you will have a life full of love and incredible adventures.  

Love you always,



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