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My work has been feeling the same lately. I feel like I take the same photos of the same thing. This week I felt like I lost some momentum and drive to take my daily photos. I was so focused on techniques and editing style that I lost focus. But I had a glorious "ah ha!" moment over the weekend. 

I started my Friday night spending time with my mom. We went to the store to pick out baby shower gifts for my future niece or nephew. While wandering around we found a cute little blank elephant statue. We bought the elephant along with some paint so Ameera could make a gift for her baby cousin. Once back at home, I spent the rest of my evening watching her joyfully paint the tiny statue and cleaning up the mess that was left behind.

Saturday was spent at a beautiful baby shower. We played fun games, ate good food and enjoyed each other's company. It was so much fun watching how excited my lovely sister in law was to celebrate with all her friends and family. To see how much her baby is already loved was an amazing sight to behold.

Sunday was a lazy day but still just as great. It was a day for reconnecting with an old friend and enjoying my family’s company. We made a meal together, watched a silly show and laughed. I spent the last few hours of the day on a walk around the neighborhood with my husband and kids enjoying the gorgeous weather. 

These last few days were jam packed with reasons to celebrate, an abundance of quality time with others and lots of love. That's when I had my "ah ha" moment, throughout the entire weekend I found there were so many times when I felt so inspired that I couldn’t help but take a photograph. Honestly, after thinking about it, there is nothing that inspires me more than the ones I love. They are the reason I fell in love with photography in the first place. My main focus, when it comes to photography, is being able to capture the moments in life that are easily forgotten. Those small details in life that you don’t  realize how important they are until after they are gone. That is my inspiration for what I do, what’s yours?

This week I challenge you to dig deep and find what your inspiration is. Inspiration is an important tool, it can be really helpful in pushing your work forward when you feel like you are going no where. I know it has for me. 

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