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I started last week off deeply immersed in the feeling of guilt. While I find the process of starting my own business thrilling, it’s also very difficult and extremely time-consuming. Daily, I am having to practice the fine art of time management. Full disclosure, I’m not very good at it. Last Sunday, I realized that my kids went from having my full attention during the day to suddenly having to share it with a computer, camera, phone and in my daughter's case, a baby brother. That’s a lot of new changes for them in such a small amount of time.

Enter the unbearable mom guilt.

Last Monday, I shared these thoughts and feelings with a friend, who then gave me some helpful advice. She told me to create a perfect day for my family, think about what we were doing. Many things came to mind. I imagined reading to my kids as we snuggled close together. I thought about all the amazing passes I have that grant me access to all sorts of wonderful places. Eating a meal together after having a blast making it. Getting messy from an art project that all of us collaborated on. My head raced with so many things that could take place on my perfect day as a mother. Before getting too out of control, my friend stopped me. She told me to think of two things that I thought were the most important and focus on doing them every day. If I got them done, regardless of what else may or may not have gotten done, I should consider my day a great one.


When I went home I thought about that conversation and put together my list. Here’s what I came up with:

-I will have 30 minutes of interaction with my kids without any interference of an electronic device.

-I will have a daily walk with my family.


Every day since I have done those two things and have felt less guilty in the process. Unfortunately though, starting a new routine can be challenging. The walk especially is hard to commit to. Seeing the same thing over and over gets really boring for me. So, to avoid the boredom that would eventually lead to me giving up, I decided to take on a small personal project. I made up my mind that every day I would take pictures of our walk and try to find something new along the way.

Photographing our daily walk was amazing. I realized halfway through the week that every day we saw something we had missed the day before. I’ve taken this walk several time in the past four years and never once noticed some of this stuff in my neighborhood. It was a great reminder for me that, although I may do the same stuff every day, each day has its own unique experience to enjoy and if I think something is boring then maybe I’m not paying enough attention.

This week I challenge you to do the same. Take a few minutes to stop and enjoy a moment of your day. If you find yourself feeling inspired, go and snap a photo. Maybe, like me, there is a wonderful world that you have been missing.


Until next time,

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