Bless this mess


Between the unscheduled food fights, the blank walls that are practically begging for a new look and the inevitable dirty diaper episodes, my life is a mess. I'm never fully able to escape the ever impending mayhem that my job as a mom requires. Everything my experience so far has shown me is, it's basically impossible to go on as a parent without getting a little messy now and then. So why do I, a mom of two young kids, feel the desire to cover up the inescapable chaos?

Bishop eating oatmeal
Bishop and Red looking at a bowl on the ground

I constantly find myself trying to hide my mess. I've missed out on countless photo ops because I was concerned with cleaning up the mess in the background. I've deleted dozens of photos because they hinted that I don't actually keep my house immaculately clean all of the time. I use digital editing to correct a blemish or clean a messy face. I'm not saying that there isn't a time a place for it but is it always necessary? I don't believe it is.

messy face

My goal as a documentary photographer is to photograph moments in their truest form. Most of the pictures I have taken are to help me remember what's going on in my life at this moment in time. So when the day comes that I've forgotten what color of permanent marker Ameera used on her face, I can go back and remember that it was blue. Which begs the question why go out of my way to lie about how it really was? 

messy books 1
messy books three
messy books two

Last week, I spent a good amount of time thinking about how to move forward since this revelation. And I've decided it comes down to one simple thing, I stop lying. I stop hiding my messes and embrace my life as it is. That I'm a wife and a mom who works hard to love and take care of her family. I'm a woman, who has taken on a new title in life and is reaching for her dreams. I'm a person who is far from perfect and I am only now realizing, I don't have to hide it.


From now on, I will not get frustrated over my messy house being shown in my photos. I will not rush to clean off my babies faces to photograph a cute snapshot. I am embracing these little messes and am going to remind myself of what they really are, blessings. Food on the ground, color on the walls, toys that have been thrown across the floor all are reminders that I am so blessed.


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