Beginning, End and Everything In Between


This week’s challenge is a pretty easy one but a very important thing to practice: seeing something all the way through. We have previously gone over other elements of storytelling photography. Touched on themes, mindfulness, and paying attention to details big or small. All amazing skills to hone your storytelling abilities but this week we are focusing on the entire story as a whole! What’s a story without a beginning, middle and end?

When you take your pictures this week try to think about the big picture story that your images are telling. Make sure you have a beginning, middle and end. For example, lets say your kids playing with chalk outside. Take pictures of the blank side walk (beginning), take pictures of them coloring (middle), and take a picture of the finished product (end). This can work for so many things! Cooking, painting, gaming, puzzles. There are so many stories to be told! Grab your camera and get going my friends!

Below is my completion of this week challenge. It was super fun and an amazing opportunity! I had a dear friend and fellow artist come and model for me. Between the two of us we came up with this idea of painting her using monochromatic colors of blue. The process was long but so much fun. I was so excited to see it from start to finish!

As always I am excited to see your work! Comment or tag me in your stuff! I loved to see it!!

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