13 spooky Details to Document this Halloween season


1. The special fall time treats

Caramel apples, leaf shaped cookies, pumpkin brownies whatever is your go to fall snack be sure to snap a picture of the entire family enjoying those yummy goodies!

Red haired white girl eating a color caramel apple at a pumpkin patch.
Red hair white girl looking at her half eaten caramel apple while at the pumpkin patch.


2. Hayrack ride

Taking a trip to the pumpkin patch? Odds are you’ll find yourself taking a hayrack ride out to grab a pumpkin be sure to use this opportunity to take a selfie with the family.


3. Trip to pick out the perfect pumpkin

Not everyone is a fan of the trip to the pumpkin patch but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun picking out the perfect pumpkin as a family at another location, take a quick moment to capture the joy of finding the right one.


9. Spooky Halloween Crafts

Do you have some toilet paper rolls and construction paper laying around? You could use those to document your kids having fun making a bat or Frankenstein puppets!


5. Pumpkin Decorating

Carve it, bedazzle it, paint it, whatever amazingly fun thing you decide to do with your pumpkin just remember to get a before and after to show off your skills!

A photo of a pumpkin with a knife in it sitting in front of a grey house with two kids and a small white dog in the background.
A photo of a pumpkin painted with glitter paint sitting in a yard.


6. Halloween Decorating

The pumpkin has been carved and the spooky decors are out, it’s officially decorating time and a great time to get some fun candids of the kiddos help you decorate.


7. Reading Spooky Stories

Get a snapshot of your family taking a trip to the library, picking out a book and reading that scary story to help get into the Halloween spirit.


8. Halloween Traditions

Does your family have a special Halloween routine? From dinner to a special stop at grandma’s, document these moments so you can share these memories when your kids are older.


9. Pumpkin Guts

If your family decided to carve into that pumpkin, don’t throw away the seeds just yet! Have some fun by using it as sensory play for younger kiddos, making it into a strange, silly slim or plant the seeds to watch a plant grow. Document your family participating in a spooky fun experiment.

A close up photo of pumpkin seeds in a clear tupperware bowl.
A photo of a small white baby boy playing with pumpkin seeds in the grass.

10. The halloween costume

Create a fun photo shoot while your kiddos are getting dressed up and ready for the fun night ahead! Be sure to capture the tiny details too, like putting on make up or wigs themselves. 


11. Group shot

Get a photo of everyone in the trick-or-treating group with you and your family. This is the best opportunity for the kids to put on their best scary face.


12. First Stop

Take a photo of the first house your kiddos stop at on your trick or treating route.


13. The haul

After the night is over and everyone is ready for bed, take one last photo of your kiddos with their candy to document the pride your kids have after a hard night’s work of trick-or-treating.

A photo of a red haired little white girl painting her small pumpkin outside.


Have A Happy Halloween!

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