10 Real Moments to Inspire Your next Session


If you are thinking that it might be time to have some new family photos but you don't have a special reason to take them, think again! Here are some real moments in your life that would make for some fantastic family treasures.

1.  Date night

Whether it's for a nice dinner for a special occasion or a quiet movie night at home spending quality time together, having photographs taken of a date can tell a beautiful story of your love.

2. Home baked Goodies

Picking out a recipe, gathering supplies, and creating messes. All perfect ingredient for a personalized family documentary photo session.

Black and white photo of a young girl getting ready to mix a clear bowl full of flour.
Young red haired girl looking at all of her supplies that will be used to bake cookies

3. Baby REGISTRY shopping

You and your significant other, walking around the store picking out cute baby stuff  and questioning the necessity of the outlandish optional gadgets makes for an adorably fun maternity shoot!

4. Building a fort 

Pull out those blankets and create your family's very own sanctuary. It's the perfect place to cuddle up close and create memories together that will last a lifetime.

Two small red haired children next to a blanket fort, one is getting out of the fort and one is going into the fort.
Two young children reading two different books on a bed under a blanket
Two small red haired children sitting on a bed reading books under a blanket with light provided by a cellphone.

5. Baby's first time home 

The joy of leaving the hospital mixed with the nervousness of stepping foot into your home for the first time as a family, it's a homecoming worth remembering.

6. A Long Walk

Photographing a  peaceful evening walk, taking the chance to exploring your current neighborhood can make for a great walk down memory lane years later when the kids have grown.

Young red haired girl in a blue and yellow dress with a floral pattern twirling around on a sidewalk.
Young red haired girl wearing a blue and yellow dress looking at the field in front of her with her back facing the camera.

7. Science experiment

What kid can resist the coolness of a great science experiment?

Making hypothesis + discovering answers +  quizical faces =  a great time and fantastic photos.

8. Trip to a nature center

If your family is a fan of the great outdoors, you can photograph your adventures of discovery together at a local nature center.

Red haired little girl in a black shirt walking up to a building with her back facing the camera.
black and white photo of a girl wearing my little pony shoes splashing in a small pond in a nature center.
Profile of a red haired little girl in a black shirt surrounded by big trees.

9. Planting a garden

Whether it's planting seeds into the ground or harvesting the crops in the late summer afternoon, photos of you and your family working the land would be amazing.

10. AN EXTENDED Family Outing

Help to preserve your children's memories of the good times they were able to spend with their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents by photographing a group activity.

A black haired woman in a blue shirt carrying a black backpack tenderly holding the face of a young red haired girl. 
A group of people sitting down at a blue picnic table in the shade.

These are just few great ideas to help inspire your next photo session. If you have any questions or want to set up your own session you can contact me through email or facebook.

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Koren Smith Photography is a Documentary Family Photographer based in Bellevue, NE. She specializes in taking natural, unprompted, and unposed photos centered around your family's unique life experiences. From birth to teens, she's focused on documenting your family's real-life moments every step of the way.


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